So, Twitter has been valued at $1bn yet critics this week claimed the financial model is dodgy and that the online revolution that is Tweeting has yet to make a penny’s profit.

Can I suggest that whether Twitter makes money or not is Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s problem?

What’s important to our clients, to other businesses and to fellow Twits is that they get what they want from it, whether that is increased sales and awareness, improved communications with customers, suppliers, the media and the wider community, brand building or reputation enhancement.

Tweeting, put simply, is microblogging, posting messages of less than 140 characters. When many businesses can’t actually describe what they do in less than 30 minutes, clearly communicating in such short bursts will be challenging. But if you get it right, the advantages can be significant.

It’s crucial to remember that Twitter is just another tool in the digital marketing and communications tool box. On it’s own, the effects will be limited but deployed with a carefully selected armoury of online and offline tools the combined result can be explosive.

Digital marketing is the next big thing, but businesses should remember that the fundamentals of marketing apply to online, as well as offline. Research your market first, understand your customer and learn how that customer will communicate, engage and buy your product or service before you shove a website online and start Tweeting to the world.

You should also ensure your employees understand the do’s and don’ts of social media. They are your brand ambassadors, and need to know what they can and can’t Tweet or post on their Facebook or Bebo page.

Our own guidelines for this will be posted on our website and you can contact us for further info.

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