Mashable’s piece about the skills required to be a journalist of the future has certainly raised a few eyebrows, not least of all my own (see below) but Iain Hepburn ( sets it straight in his blog.

I also read the list of core skills required and, other than being a programmer, there’s nothing new here. I would argue that a really good hack has always had these skills, the ability to sniff out a story and then secure the necessary information requires innovation, buying up stories requires business savvy, and the blogging and story-telling is just what we do every day, albeit in a different format.

It’s just what happens every time something new comes along, the early adopters throw up smoke and mirrors to put others off in the hope they can take advantage. New journalism, new media, new whatever you want to call it, is just necessary evolution of old journalism and old media. It’s communication. It’s a simple as that.