Today’s colossal Twitter fail got me thinking. No followers, no followees. Everyone was equal again. All the early adopters who have worked hard every day for years to build a sizeable following, sitting right alongside the hingers-on and putters-aff who joined last month and amassed hundreds of followers through cheat sites and accepting anyone and everyone who followed.

How would it be if we all had to start from scratch, to choose who we want to follow and who we want to follow us?

I suspect it would be harder than most of us would appreciate.

Could you remember everyone you were following? Everyone you engaged with? Sure, it might be easy to remember those you communicated every day. But what about the less regular conversations, those you communicated with weekly or even monthly. Would you remember them? I doubt it. More importantly, would they remember you?

Given the choice, would you really chose to engage with them again? And, faced with the same choice, would they chose to engage with you again?

So perhaps, just perhaps, it’s a convenient reminder that Twitter and all its social media communication buddies need work but crucially need thought and attention. We need to care about what we are saying, we need to care about why we are saying it, and we need to care about who we say it to. And we need to remember who they are and why they might be interested in us.

Just saying …