Discussing the social "Downfall" of Tom Harris MP

So this week MP Tom Harris was the master of his own downfall, using the YouTube video clip of the Hitler film Downfall to take a pop at Joan MacAlpine and the SNP.  It backfired spectacularly when the fallout forced the Labour Party’s social media advisor to resign from the role.

Harris fell foul of one of the most fundamental rules of social; don’t use it to deliberately damage someone else. It always backfires and the perpetrator ends up in the mire.

What frustrates me about this, and I say so on Scotland Tonight which discussed the issue, is that Harris is an experienced social media user but his political ambitions clouded his judgement. He could have used his knowledge and expertise to create something positive for the Labour Party, something that would set them apart from the SNP which has, to date, been significantly more effective in the social space. But instead he chose to be vindictive and so masterminded his own downfall.  Serves him right.