It became clear from the GlobalScots on the panel and in the workshops that Scotland’s reputation across the world is exemplary; the Scottish brand is strong and memorable. Everyone knows someone who has been to Scotland or has traced their own Scottish ancestry. Scots are loved the world over and trusted by all. We spoke about haggis and tartan, shortbread and golf, some happy with the links, some not so.

But that, surprisingly, is where the branding discussion stopped. We patted ourselves on the back at having created such a great brand and then moved on to the next issue. There was no conversation around how to commercialise that brand, capitalise on it, make money from it. It seemed such a waste.

Selling the Scottish brand is an incredible business opportunity. It needs to be run as a business, by experienced businessmen and women, experts who understand the value of branding and how to leverage that value for profit, not run by public sector Quangos with limited budgets and even more limited capability.

I know it’s been tried in the past with limited success, but I reckon we should take our lead from Robert the Bruce’s wee eight-legged friend and try again and again until we get it right; we have too much to lose and so much more to gain.