Been thinking about quality assurance recently, and wondering who actually bothers any more, apart from those with QA in their job title, of course?

There’s ISO and IIP and BSI and they’re all mostly CRaP.

The problem with quality assurance is that it’s about consistency, not quality. Think about it; if you’re a manufacturer and you make chairs with one leg shorter than the other three – and do it consistently – your process is compliant. That doesn’t make it a great chair. It doesn’t even make it a good chair. It’s a chair. That wobbles. But because you’ve consistently made that chair to the same standard it gets a quality badge of honour that allows the manufacturer to set out their stall as quality assured.Is it just me or is there something wrong with that approach to quality? Surely quality is relative to the value placed on something by the person who is prepared to part with their hard earned cash to pay for the experience?

I’d like to see a fresh take on quality assurance, more of a reliance on the customer rather than someone who is paid to tick a box and award a kite mark.

And what better channel to do this than social media, where instant feedback is possible on anything and everything. There are already Facebook pages for ‘fans’ to like and comment. Twitter uses the FAIL hashtag to highlight poor service. What about turning that on its head with quality hashtags? EPIC.

Is there room for a social media quality mark? A comprehensive, consultant-independent but consumer-dependent approach to quality.

Fit for purpose verus rocks the user?

What do you think?