One of my biggest frustrations is business people who can’t describe what they do in a couple of sentences.

Have you been there? Can you feel my pain? I’m sure I’m not the only one who visits a potential client and then twiddles her thumbs while he/she takes half an hour to tell me all about the business.

Creating a concise elevator pitch is said to be essential. That’s fine when you are pitching for business or investment, but I think we need to get a lot smarter and quicker at communicating what we do and how great we are at doing it.

I used to suggest businesses created a list of soundbites that could describe their business in short, memorable, meaningful sentences. Little chunks of information that employees could remember, that would keep CEO’s on track when they are explaining what they do, ultimately, soundbites that keep the company message – and brand – consistent.

That’s still valid, but I now also suggest to clients that they try to do it Twitter-style – in no more than 140 characters. You should try it!

This is mine: I have the best job in the world, I help people grow their businesses by helping them communicate better. It’s 87 characters.

At my Power Lunch Club talk last week, I suggested one for Kevin O’Neil’s business: YouTube for Business We are revolutionising how businesses communicate.  That’s 83 characters, There’s room to say And we’re really good at it  That’s 112 . There’s even room for an exclamation mark or two.

Try doing yours; and let me know how you get on.